Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

The corner bakery always amazes us with their hours; often open throughout Sunday (rare in Leuven), but then sporadically closed on a random Wednesday or for a week at a time. We decided to stock up on pastries for the long holiday weekend, but when I awoke to discover they were (magically) open this morning, I blasted through my half of the rations. The fortunes of life are often in small favors, and having a local bakery can be a simple, but endless source of joy.

This afternoon, I took an ill-advised ride to Brussels. As per the previous post, I made it about 20% of the way before thunder and rain presented an effective blockade. No worries though; I came home and Nilam and I went to a nice cafe on the canal called De Wiering, for a Girardin and fried calamari, while enjoying a scenic view over the water. Of course, the sun decided to make a few appearances, only after curtailing my exercise, and rewarding my consumption of beer and fried foods. It looks like nature wants me to be fat. I decided not to resist today, although my body claims that I haven't been resisting for quite some time.

Currently we're home with a quiet evening. Nilam's making something yummy in the kitchen, doubtlessly trying to show me up after my homemade bread disaster (think gummy, tough, wet flour, and you have my "olive bread"). Also excited for the upcoming delivery of home brew supplies; though I deeply love the Belgian beers, I feel my civic duty tugging my brewing hand to import the American West Coast IPA to Belgium. I shall do my best!

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  1. De Wiering used to be _the_ place to eat ribs. Did you see any?

    As for the gummy dough, been there, done that. Did you use a Kitchenaid and did the dough's internal temp go up too much? That's usually what causes the 'chewing gum' syndrome.